Praying for Jesus’ will be done, oh wait… I mean Romney’s will be done

If this election has shown me anything, it is that American evangelicals, generally speaking, put more faith in what they can control, or wish they could control, than what they cannot control.

When you step back for a moment and realize that millions of evangelicals prayed to YHWH, for a non-Christian Mormon to be their next leader, you realize one thing… something has gone terribly wrong!! It is a sad day when Christians plead to be led by a non-Christian. I can hear the people of God now pleading and praying to return to Egypt, after years of praying to get out of Egypt!

The president is not perfect and unfortunately has let many of us down (reason I did not vote for him). Romney would have accomplished many things. But friends, God is in control of all things and can accomplish all things, including creating jobs (who would have known?!?!). And it seems that today he has swayed the hearts of men and women in favor of the Christian candidate.

Can you blame him?

And before you start bashing me for bashing Romney’s faith, when so many say to leave religion out of politics. Friends, I can no more leave my religion out of anything, including politics, as one can poop without wiping.

From one who voted for neither mainline party candidate, Harrison



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